Ukuleles Rule!

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The new series of ‘open mic’ ukulele nights has arrived! The next episode of our bi-monthly open mic nights is:

Wednesday 21st March 2018
commencing at 8.30pm

Market Inn Faversham

The open mic nights will kick off with some ‘community singalong’ stuff - link to song book is below. Everyone is welcome - spectators as well as performers although we are aiming the ‘open mic’ bit at smaller groups of players/singers rather than entire ukulele groups turning up to perform ‘en masse’. The PA can accommodate groups up to three or four people singing and playing. There is also a bass amp for any uke bass players that want to play along.

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Attention all Strummers! The link below is an all-new mini songbook for 21st March

"MARKET STRUMMERS ALLCOMERS" It's the weekly open session for cutting edge ukulele playing. Thursdays @ the Market Inn, Faversham. A bit of punk, A bit of disco, A bit of indie, A bit of a giggle.
If you're passing...
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We usually meet from around 7.30pm and divide the evening into two halves. Everyone is welcome for the first section from 7.30 until around 8.45-9.00pm. We then have a short break and the rest of the evening allows us to practice our repertoire for public outings!

You can get in touch through the contact email link below